CV Basics

Find out the basics of how to write  a CV with best practice tips and tricks. Do your CV the right way and ensure that you are a candidate worth looking at.

First Impressions, personal statement

First impressions when it comes to CV’s is a real thing, the little paragraph about yourself is more likely than not, the only bit read. Why is this?

It is because most CV’s are the same, they look identical, no personality or flair, just another one in the pile. it’s just not practical for someone to read everything there when looking at so many each day. But having an eye catching and standout CV instantly makes yours more attractive. If you can crack the look and the paragraph about yourself using these tips and tools then you will be on to a winner. Learn the best practices for a personal statement and stand out of the crowd, grab the recruiters attention in a way that makes you rememberable in a vast sea of CV’s.

CV Template

Once you have grasped and practiced a few personal statements and you feel you have the perfect one. You might be thinking, this is great but my CV is just a basic word doc and isn’t anything special. Well you can thank us later as we have you covered.

Grab a fantastic and FREE CV template. edit and download without any sign up or cost. If you want to save, go back and edit then you will need an account for that but again it’s completely free. These templates will help you stand out from the swarm of whiteness that is CV’s and make the recruiter grab yours as its unique and different.

Cover Letter

Once you have a CV you are happy with, you may be wondering about a cover letter, now not all jobs you apply for require this. But when needed it is best to have the right tips and knowledge to right a really great cover letter to go with you brand new CV.