Expert, one-to-one, early career meetings on Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp Video.

We provide in-depth early career guidance meetings over Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp Video to help you find the right pathway and advance in the early stages of your career.

There are three types of session.

  • For those who need help to develop their aspirations and attachments.

  • For those who have clear ideas but need help to advance.

  • For those who need support to make change happen or be more competitive. 

We recommend trying free public services first before considering our private Early Career Guidance Services. Find out where to get help?

On this page you can read about our private services, the cost, information about what to expect and what will happen next if you complete the referral form to make an appointment.

We really look forward to meeting you and helping on your journey to success.


Referral Form

FAQ – Information about your session

You can use the online referral form to self-refer or make a referral for someone else. The referral form will collect some basic information about you including your age, current or most recent education, email address, contact telephone number, the session type requested (1,2 or 3) and a brief reason for the referral.

If you need further assistance with making a referral please email [email protected]

We will make contact with you to confirm a time for your meeting. We will also be asking for some additional information in advance to help with preparation. This will include:

  • A brief summary (in just a few sentences) of 1. What’s your current career situation? 2. What are the outcome(s) you are hoping for from your session? and 3. What do you think is holding you back from making progress?
  • A copy of your CV or most recent application would be great.
  • A copy or example of something you have done that you pleased with. A project, dissertation, portfolio or anything else you can think of.
  • Your SQA candidate number (if you can remember it) so we can check your qualifications without having to ask you about them.

Don’t worry if you can’t provide some or any of the above 😊.

Meetings will be via Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp videocall.

By default, you will receive a Zoom link for your meeting if it is scheduled online. If you prefer to use a different platform just let us know. Be sure to check you have a decent internet connection, the microphone and video are working, and your battery is charged.

Sessions are informal and typically take 2 hours with a short comfort break halfway if you need it. Sessions are very flexible but will naturally form into two parts. The first is in counselling style, asking questions, listening carefully and building a shared understanding of your current situation, thinking and approach, skills and qualities, opportunities and challenges. The second part is more of a coaching style, reframing and re-thinking, introducing and discussing creative solutions, goal development and action steps.

The session is private, confidential, and secure. It will not be recorded. However, if in the unlikely event we learn information about you or others who may be at risk or harm then be aware we may have a professional obligation to notify and disclose this to other professionals if necessary.

We will provide feedback, actions and/or agreed follow-up activity within 5 working days after the meeting. This will provide the advice and impetus you needed to make progress but we can continue our support with a further referral if it is required. Your invoice will also be included for payment within 14 days and may be paid by card or bank transfer.

No problem. Just let us know as soon as you can by phone or email using the contact information we provide in your joining instructions.

We are part of Career Studio which is a regulated Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Centre and we use information in much the same way as a School or College. We keep a record of our clients and candidates in accordance with the policies and procedures approved by SQA.  We are registered with the Information Commission for the purposes of processing information relating to employment, education and training. We manage your information in accordance with our data protection policy. We also uphold the Code of Ethics and Standards of the Career Development Institute of which we are committed and active professional members.