Just because you are from Scotland and the furthest you have been is Manchester, it’s no excuse. You could be thinking big about your future. Really big!

Take Andy Carnegie from Dunfermline for example. He was brought up in poverty and the furthest he went was Edinburgh before heading to America and getting into metals. He became the wealthiest person in the world and a hero for giving away his wealth to support and inspire others. What about Nicola Sturgeon from Irvine, Dad an electrician and Mum a dental nurse, going on to break down the barriers and become the boss of our whole country. So, think big, learn your lessons and bounce back, always do your best and let’s see where it can take you.

What are the best and most exciting careers on the planet? Well, that’s up to you to decide but just so you know, I have applied for Chief Product Tester at Cadbury World, so that one is taken. You can brainstorm a list of all the places you would really love to work and get yourself onto their career pages to see what it will take to get there. Just in case you are looking for ideas and a bit of help, we share some of the best Early Career opportunities on planet earth and tell you how to get them. Good Luck!

Apprenticeships & Internships at United Nations in New York


Even the biggest stages in the world need plumbers, volunteers and graduates. Hundreds of roles in fact. Find out all about opportunities with the United Nations and get yourself set for a career on the world stage.

Get paid in Euros


Forget Brexit, what a about a career in Europe? With plenty of countries to choose from, get a job in Europe and you’ll be coming back to Scotland for your holidays! There are always Early Career roles working for the EU and if you have got a language then why not start using EURES jobs platform for the whole of Europe and the biggest job board in the world.

Go big into digital

Brand Logo

They are always hiring at Spotify, hiring at Google, hiring at Amazon (not just warehousing and delivery btw). Someone gets these great digital early careers, right? Why not you? Because you need to do whatever it takes to become the most competitive candidate. That means getting yourself glued to the job specifications and building your portfolio of skills and experience so that you rock.

Marvel or DC?

DC Marvel

Choose your battles with a career at one of the big media companies and you could be on your way to becoming a superhero. Disney apprenticeships and graduate roles come up on the career pages of their London office and leading animation companies like Axis Animation in Glasgow have great career advice, resources and opportunities.

Shoot for the Moon


Space is more accessible than ever with 130+ space companies currently operating from Scotland. Let’s face it, a career in space could take you anywhere. It’s a fast growing ‘space’ and its definitely space heads required. You could even ‘look up’ space careers.

Sugar-Free Apprenticeship in Business Enterprise

Turn your idea into reality. You might not get £250,000 from Lord Sugar but you can do much better than those contestants right? What if someone believed in you and your idea and gave you the support you need to make it happen. Age is no barrier and your idea for a new online sock shop called Just Feet, well it might have legs! Start your Business with the Princes Trust, get involved with Young Enterprise Scotland and go for it!