Below is a detailed descriptions of the campaign features: 

Featured Opportunities:

With the One Way package you will have your listing featured on our homepage, giving you a prominent position for the most exposures.

Featured Opportunities

Site wide sidebar ad campaign visuals:

You will have your brand side wide with our sidebar ad, ensuring brand awareness and attraction across the board with our audience.

Sidebar ad

Promoted Content:

Our team will take your listings and content providing social media support through organic posting and targeted ads. Our team will also use google search and display ads to target the active early careers seekers.

Custom Mailshot:

Every month you will have access to our network or young people, careers advisers and influencers, our team will send a custom mailshot on your behalf to our network to get your brand messages and listings directly to our early careers seekers.

ROI Report:

Our team will provide a detailed report every month keeping you up to date on how your campaign is going and they will also advise on the best next steps based on the data.

Return on Investment (Large)