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Dyslexia Scotland is leading the movement to a dyslexia-friendly Scotland, bringing the dyslexic community together with changemakers for inclusion. As a member of Dyslexia Scotland, we are part of a community that makes a difference.

Members of Dyslexia Scotland help to champion the rights of people with dyslexia in Scotland, who so often feel left behind in education, work and community life. We know that around 1 in 10 of the people we work with at earlycareers.scot will be dyslexic and so we are working towards a greater understanding of dyslexia in all parts of our business and service offer.

We recommend Dyslexia Scotland’s ‘Career Journeys’ resource. For those impacted or interested in dyslexia, please become a member of Dyslexia Scotland. With annual membership for individuals at just £20 per year, it’s the perfect opportunity to strengthen your own personal development and career journey.