“Your circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start”

Character is often misunderstood, overlooked or written off as old fashioned; but for those in the know, it’s the No. 1 influence on your career. Even more important than skills or qualifications. Exploring your character could well be the key to help unlock your Early Career path.

Why character really counts in your career

If all the evidence from human history, inspirational people and your own experience wasn’t enough, then consider what Positive Psychology and Character Science reveals: you’ll be at your best and happiest in a career where your character strengths are in regular use and where you can also work on your weaknesses. It is that balance of using your strengths and being able to grow that is the career sweet spot. As Careers Advisers, we spend our time with clients who are searching for that sweet spot.

Take our FREE Early Career VIA Character Assessment

The best way to start exploring is with our Early Career VIA Character Survey. It will organise your 24 character qualities to highlight those strengths you naturally lead with (your signature strengths) and those you might want to work on. Complete the survey and share your results with others to start new conversations about your career path and gain confidence in your strengths.

You are already an expert

Remember Curriculum for Excellence? Anyone who has been to school in Scotland should remember the four capacities. They are all about helping you to develop character strengths whilst you were at school. Maybe you only just realise that now!

Curriculum for Excellence

Character Strengths

Successful Learners       >>Intellectual Strengths like Curiosity
Confident Individuals     >>Performance Strengths like Confidence
Responsible Citizens     >>Moral Strengths like Empathy
Effective Contributors   >>Civic Strengths like Kindness

Early Career as a test of character

Think about your character strengths and the careers which are a good fit. Where you can use your strengths in your work and where you will be tested. When we are tested, we build our character. We learn to perform to our best, to grow and to change for the better. That is the pathway to our advancement. If you look out for opportunities to push yourself into new and uncomfortable places, then exploring your character might just transform your early career into an adventure.