Targeted Marketing & Social Media

@EarlyCareerScot is our trusted social media platform, used by 4k+ young people and their influencers.

  • Social Media Posting/Sharing
    We will post campaign news and opportunities through our social channels and relay content directly from your channel. With access to one post and share per week, you will reach our followers, made up of a niche audience of young people, careers advisors and influencers, attracting interest and engagement in your brand’s early career campaign.

  • Targeted Social Marketing
    We are utilising our recognised, trusted channels to provide a monthly targeted sponsored post to reach your target demographic based on gender balance, ethnicity and location. Our digital marketing and social media specialists work on a constant cycle of analysing, measuring and improving to create a customised social campaign, ensuring we attract and engage the best candidates based on your campaign specifications and KPIs.

  • Targeted Search & Display Ads
    We utilise Google Ads to target specific audience demographics based on keywords, geolocation and much more. Search and display ads are often used to grow exposure and drive traffic to marketplace profiles or specific opportunity listings.

Social Mobile