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All campaigns are accepted conditionally upon being approved, and if not activated any monies paid will be refunded. While every effort will be made to insert advertisements at the time specified, no guarantee can or will be given for such insertion and no liability will be accepted for omissions or inaccuracies, or for any consequence arising there from, or for damage to or loss of any material supplied. The Publishers reserve the right to alter, modify, suspend or cancel any advertisements at any time without notice. Advertisements are accepted only on condition that the advertiser warrants that the advertisement does not in any way contravene the provisions of The Trade Descriptions Act, 1968, or the Business Advertisements (Disclosure) Order, 1977, or the Consumer Credit Act, 1974, and complies with the British Code of Advertising Practice. This means there must be an employer for each vacancy unless otherwise stated. The placing of an order shall be considered as acceptance of these conditions.

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