Congratulations, you’ve successfully secured an interview! Here’s what to expect and how we think you should prepare…

Interviews can be had in a number of ways, especially with the pandemic etc. Here are the types of interviews you might encounter:

  • Face-to face – The one you are most familiar with, it is still the most common interview practice, This is where you would have your interview conducted at the place of employment, potentially in a group depending on the role.
  • Telephone – A simple call and questions interview situation – this is usually a pre-screening process to see if you are suitable for next stage interviews.
  • Video – This has been more common due to the pandemic, Video can either be a live call via zoom, Microsoft teams or can be a pre-recorded questions and answers where you will record yourself answering the provided questions.
  • Assessment centres – This isn’t as common but there are companies that require you to attend their assessment centre to sit some evaluation test to see how suitable you would be for the role based on your skills, this allows the employer to pre-screen multiple candidates easily and at one time.

Regardless of the interview type the process for acing them is exactly the same, preparation and practice. The one rule in the interview game is if you understand what you are walking into and have practice in the question and answer process you will come across confident, bright and an ideal choice for the role. So I’d advise reviewing the top 20 tips for a great interview and applying the ones that you may not have considered before.

Remember that everyone has bad interviews and you need to see it as a stepping stone, understanding that the lesson to be learned is you now know what not to do next time. This may happen a few times but don’t be discouraged, you will succeed.

I would encourage you to visit our mindset section on the Early Careers Adviser page. You can align your mindset with positive and useful content that may provide you with the mental tool kit to keep you calm and collected for that interview situation.

Good luck in that interview. Remember it’s not the end of the world if this one doesn’t go well. Pick yourself up, dust off and get right back in the game.