Early Careers Advisor (formally Apprenticeships in Scotland Update) is a trusted mail distribution platform, with 8k+ subscribers made up of young people and their influencers. An Early Careers campaign can be made up from:

  • Custom Mailshot

  • Early Career Advisor Update

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  • Mail Distribution – Learn More

Custom Mailshot

A dedicated custom HTML mailshot can be sent out per month to a custom user group based on:

  • Location
  • Sector of interest
  • Gender
  • Age

Our subscriber network is made up of 8,000+ young people and their influencers, and sees average open rates of 15% with 26% of those clicking through. A custom mailshot consists elusively of your own content, and can typically include, campaign news, latest opportunities/events and is branded up to look like it comes directly from you. Our team will design this update based on your requirements and brand guidelines.

Early Career Advisor Update

Our ‘Early Career Advisor’ subscriber update is sent out every month and reaches our full network. Our subscriber network is made up of 8,000+ young people and their influencers. Updates typically see an average open rate of 23% open rate with 11% of those clicking through.

The update features content from all live campaigns, giving you space to share the latest campaign news and live opportunities/events. Exposure from the subscriber update takes your campaign to the audience and creates a buzz.